Maeve Scott Announces 4th Council District Run

You often hear voters wonder why you don’t have new candidates step forward and run for office. But not in the Fourth Council District, will Democrats will have the chance to elect Maeve Scott to represent them in City Hall in November.

Scott has lived in Yonkers and in the fourth district for more than 35 years. While she has been involved in her community and her church, she has not been involved in city politics. That is because for the past four decades, she has raised her children and build a professional career on Wall Street.

Now that she is retired and her kids have moved on, Scott wants to use her finance talents, and her observations on what is working and what isn’t working in City Hall, to represent the people of the fourth district.

“I’m running for City Council because I have always been interested in my community, and there is an open seat for council in my district this year,” she said. “I believe I can contribute effectively and serve the constituents of my district and the city.”

Scott is running to replace Councilman Dennis Shepherd, who is term-limited from running for another four-year term.

“I have significant business experience, and my skill set will serve the City of Yonkers well,” she said. “I recently retired from a 34-year career in finance and accounting on Wall Street where I was budget director for a global Fortune 100 insurance company. I dealt with regulators and all levels of management, and managed large teams of people during my career. I believe I can use my management and leadership skills on the council.”

Scott was born in the Bronx, and attended the Academy at Mt. Saint Ursula and Fordham University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Why run now for office? “Now that I’ve retired for more than one year, I’m too young to hang my hat up, and the open seat in my district excited me as I want to contribute and make a difference,” said Scott. “Quality-of-life issue, crime, litter and safety have always been concerns of mine.”

The candidate has been active serving on the St. Paul’s Church Parish Council and the Beverly Crest Homeowners Association as a board member, and in the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division 19.

“As a working mom for more than 30 years, I have had to balance family and work, but have always remained active and interested in my community,” she said. “I’m a longtime homeowner and raised my children here in Yonkers. As a mother of three, while my career was an important part of my life, my greatest accomplishment was raising my children, and finding the appropriate balance between parenting and working.”

Scott said that if elected to the City Council, she can bring her financial and management experience from the corporate/private sector to government, with the hope of improving transparency and openness to city government.

“My platform is to focus on fiscal responsibility, improve our schools, and address the concerns of the elderly and empty-nesters living in Yonkers, but also the young and working families,” she said. “We also need an effective and cohesive strategy between the council, our state legislators in Albany, and the residents. We need to come up with a viable plan to solve the financial problems in the Yonkers Public Schools and secure the long-needed and much-talked-about additional financing from Albany. I would work in a cooperative manner to come up with a successful strategy to secure Yonkers’ fair share.”

Regarding the Yonkers budget, Scott said: “I think there is plenty of room for improvement. I have looked at it and as an outside observer have many, many questions. I would like to better understand the city’s budget process from end to end. I think the City Council should not only vote on the budget, but should continuously and closely monitor the budget throughout the year, so that overspending may be identified early on and possibly mitigated. I think there is opportunity for the council to have greater oversight over the budget.”

Asked if she thinks a Democrat can win in the fourth district, Scott replied: “I think the right Democrat can win, and I believe I’m the right woman for the job. I’m a political outsider, and a newcomer to Yonkers politics – that’s a fact. But I’m running as a Democrat and I hope to get the endorsement from the Yonkers Democratic Party.”

Scott will hold her kickoff announcement/ fundraiser April 23 at Dia y Noche, 640 McLean Ave.

“We are expecting a big turnout, and we have an effective and talented campaign team assembled,” she said. “They are all excited and enthusiastic about the campaign and my candidacy and will help me canvass the district and get out the voters we need to win. I have the passion and the dedication to serve on the council and will give it my all. I know what hard work means, as during my career I worked many 1- hour days during quarterly closing cycles and budget season. This strong work ethic will follow me to the council, as I am committed to working hard for the people in fourth district and for all the citizens of Yonkers.”

When asked about the support of other elected officials or party leaders, Scott said: “I think I’d like to stand alone. I’d like to be an independent voice on the council, with new ideas and new thinking on how to get things done. I have always gained the respect and trust of my colleagues and coworkers through hard work and professionalism. This election will be no different.”